With a historical spend of over $10.0 million on IT hardware, technology and associated items, a Category Sourcing Team was formed in August, 2011 to focus on evaluating the current spending patterns across the University. The Sourcing Team, comprised of UConn faculty and staff from the Storrs, Regional Campuses and UCH, has been analyzing historical data in an effort to determine ways to reduce the annual spend by at least $1.0 million.

One initiative was the successful launch of a managed print services program.  UPrint, the University’s Managed Print Services (“MPS”) Program managed by the Document Production Center, is a service provided to the University of Connecticut (“UConn”) through an external provider who will analyze document output devices (such as copiers, printers and fax machines) with the goal of reducing the total cost of ownership, improving efficiency and productivity, and furthering the University’s sustainability initiatives.

This program started in the Fall of 2014 when UConn entered into a multi-year partnership agreement with Connecticut Business Systems (CBS) to provide equipment, service/maintenance and supplies to all networked multi-function devices (MFD’s) and networked printers.   As of July, 2016 545 MFD devices have been placed at UConn and UCH. Additionally, 1022 network printers have been added to the MPS program.  For additional information on this program, please visit

Contact Information

If you have any questions relating to the purchase of IT hardware, software, networked printing, or associated items please contact the Procurement Team Contact for this category group, Kanan Paulraj, (860) 486-0993,