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In these tough economic times, the University is working hard to reduce its costs and leverage its purchasing power to obtain the best prices for the University community. In August 2011, a group of UConn faculty and staff from the Storrs, Regional Campuses and UCHC, formed a Janitorial Supply Sourcing Team to analyze spending patterns, research options, and develop standards in an effort to negotiate better pricing.

For example: Did you know that the color of your garbage bag makes a difference in the cost? Did you know that using foaming hand soap instead of liquid soap makes a difference in the cost? Interestingly enough, making small changes to these items and additional products that are used daily add up to significant savings.

UConn's Partner in this initiative is:

C&C Janitorial

Consolidation of cleaning products at Storrs
Consolidation of cleaning products at UConn Health Center
Switching from liquid hand soap to GoJo Foaming Soap at Storrs
Replacing clear garbage bags with black garbage bags (where applicable)
Conversion of Connecticut Commons into suites where students provide all paper/bath toiletries which also reduced cleaning time required

Additional items currently being reviewed are paper products for both Storrs and UCHC, specifically paper towels and toilet paper. Additional savings details to follow as they become available.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions relating to the purchase of janitorial supplies, please contact the Procurement Team Contact for this category group, Lisa Mieszkowicz, (860) 486-8054,